MOLD and how it effects us one way or another.

For most when you hear the word “mold” it strikes a form of anxiety or fear of the worstRENEW can help you identify if the mold in an area that you either see, smell or have had pointed out to you by an inspector or other professional, is dangerous or in need of being contained, removed and or restored.  We at RENEW specialize in giving you only the facts and letting you decide your next course of action based on our professional’s findings, if it is mold and what severity it is.  We locate the source or cause of the issue, investigate the extent of the damage and if you choose to we can send off samples to a lab to identify the type of mold then we can explain what we can to rectify the problem and to remove any danger of the mold spores from spreading to other areas of your home or business to limit the damage to other areas or any health concerns.  If you had chosen to have a sample sent off to a 3rd party lab, we would then offer you to have another sample sent at the completion of the job.

Mold appears from various causes and in many different forms and colors. The Webster’s Dictionary definition of mold is:

(1:  a superficial often woolly growth produced especially on damp or decaying organic matter or on living organisms by a fungus *as of the order Mucorales      2: a fungus that produces “mold”) given these definitions, we felt we wanted to break down the types of mold and causes for you to know when it is most dangerous and when it is not necessary to call in the professional.